2018 Mentees

Nicole HallettNicole Hallett

Nicole graduated with a Masters of Architecture (Design Management) from Deakin University at the end of 2018. Her final year focus looked at the ways in which technology will influence the development and planning of future cities. This reflects her passion for modern design and where we are headed in the future, as well as a strong interest for adaptive reuse and sustainability. Nicole works in the Architecture team at Jacobs.


Chaitrali Chandrashekhar Chaitrali Inamdar

Chaitrali developed a passion for travelling during her Architecture studies in India, and graduated with a Master of Architecture from Deakin University. Having visited several sustainable settlements like Auroville, encouraged her to explore sustainable and biophilic design in her Design Thesis, landing her the opportunity to showcase her Design Project in PaperSpace Exhibition 2017. She is a junior Architectural Planner at Kaufland Australia.


Ketsa Jerome

Ketsa Jerome

Ketsa was born and raised in India. She studied at an American International School pursuing the International Baccalaureate Program. Upon completion she moved to Melbourne to study Architecture at RMIT University, and graduated in 2018. She is currently working at Studio Goss.



Dora Lin

Dora Lin

Dora is excited by new typologies of residential environments and concern for the growing density within Melbourne City. She is pursuing a Master of Architecture at University of Melbourne where she explores new dimensions and technologies. Dora comes from a undergraduate background in commerce. She is currently working at Cera Stribley Architects.


Anthea Lui


Anthea Lui

Anthea completed her Masters at the University of Melbourne. She is passionate about interactive architecture, as well as how architecture can influence human behaviours. Outside of architecture, Anthea likes to be active, explore coffee and food in Melbourne and travel.

Neha Nagarkar

Neha Nagarkar

Neha graduated from the University of Melbourne. Travelling as part of her degree encouraged an understanding of the importance of culture and context on built form, as well as the various ways we interact with our natural environments. This has encouraged her interest in community focused architecture and how the built and natural environments can be better balanced through design

2017 Mentees



Wenjie Cao

Wenjie graduated as a Masters of Architecture student at the University of Melbourne. With the bachelor degree of Architecture and one-year internship experience in Beijing, she is passionate about both residential and cultural projects, and interested in multi-cultural diversity and global perspectives on architecture. She currently works at ELC.





Chelsea Doorne

Chelsea graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Masters of Architecture. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Western Australia. Chelsea is also a valuable team member of Atelier Red + Black where she has worked on a selection of residential projects and she is the 2019 Preparing for Practice Mentorship Coordinator.





Vanessa Murphy

Vanessa is a Master of Architecture student at Monash University. Throughout her studies she had the opportunity to work in many different countries, which has helped expand her knowledge and skills in the field of architecture. Vanessa hopes to influence the world in a positive way throughout her architectural career.




 Jessica Pearson

Jessica graduated with a Bachelor of Design (Architecture)/Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours) double degree at Deakin University. She is passionate about sustainable design, adaptive reuse and the positive impact architectural space can have on influencing people’s lives. Through her love of travel she has also completed short term study programs in China, South Korea & Sri Lanka and is hoping to work overseas in the future. Jessica currently works at Doig Architecture.




 Sanika Raje

After having studied and practiced Architecture for a while in India, Sanika moved to Australia to study her Masters of Architecture at Deakin University. She is driven by design that brings people close to each other and to the nature and find my interest in experiential architecture. With a fervour for travel, Sanika believes that the best learnings in life come from experiencing the world and expanding our vision.





Heather Ward-Walton

Heather graduated with a  Masters of Architecture from the University of Melbourne.  In her final year, she studied ways in which architecture can influence the future of our cities with an emphasis on residential architecture. Heather is passionate about design at all scales from urban design to furniture.

2016 Mentees




Samantha Sarah Mikolajczak

Samantha graduated with a Masters of Architecture at Monash University. She has previously worked with Andrew Simpson Architects on a Lakeside Kiosk Competition proposal that was submitted to the Chicago Architecture Biennial in 2015. Samantha is currently working at MA Architects.





Vanessa Napiza

Vanessa is motivated by exciting new possibilities of the design profession’s growing commitment to improve quality of life and concern for the natural environment. Now embarking Master of Architecture at Deakin University, she seeks to uncover the broader dimensions of architecture through an understanding of people and place at the heart of every project.





Jessica Seneviratna

Jessica graduated with a Master of Architecture at Monash University. Her interests within the field of architecture expand continuously, exploring new dimensions that can have a positive impact on the urban environment. Outside of architecture, Jessica’s other interests include art, the piano and travelling.





Thisuni Welihinda

Originally from Sri Lanka, Thisuni grew up in Dubai where she witnessed firsthand the rapid expansion of that city. This fostered a keen awareness of the need for sustainability in architecture. Thisuni’s interests vary from reading fiction to design to drawing. She was the 2016 SONA representative for the University of Melbourne highlighting her passion to be involved in the quality of my education and the education of others. Thisuni now works at K2LD.





Monique Woods

Monique began her architecture studies in 2012 at Monash University. Whilst studying, Monique has travelled both interstate and internationally to participate in community design projects. Monique is passionate about architecture, and looks forward to joining the architecture profession in 2017. Monique is now working at Wellard Architects.




Iman Zain

Iman graduated with a Master of Architecture student from Deakin University. She is very excited to start her career as a woman architect. She sees architecture as problem-solving on a big scale to affect the quality of people’s everyday lives. Iman is very passionate about school design, learning environments and humanitarian architecture. Iman currently works at Bayley Ward Architects.



2015 Mentees


Dena Barr

Dena’s interests relate to sustainability and material technology. She has just completed a thesis project at the University of Melbourne on the use of bamboo as a structural material in urban contexts. She also enjoys travelling and has helped on community development construction projects in India, PNG, Chile and locally. Dena is currently working as an architect at Bates Smart.

Amelia Cloney

Amelia began her studies in  Interior Architecture before transferring to study Architecture at the Melbourne School of Design. Amelia’s projects have been exhibited at the Gallery of Australian Design and at the Dulux Gallery, Melbourne School of Design. Outside of architecture Amelia’s interests include art, furniture, fashion, travel, and exploring Melbourne. Amelia is now working at Round 6 Architects.

Farheen Dossa

Farheen’s interests within architecture include material experimentation and digital fabrication. She worked on design and construct projects overseas before pursuing her Masters of Architecture at the Melbourne School of Design. During her masters she found a fascination for drawing styles and poetics of space. Her thesis explored the role of light in contemporary spiritual and healing spaces. She currently works at Tandem Design Studio.

Megha Joshi

Megha is a graduate architect from Deakin University. She is a keen observer, dreamer and very interested in architecture, arts and design.

Rujeko Muzwidzwa

Rujeko is a passionate graduate architect from Deakin University.

Mariel Reyno

Mariel a former architecture student at the University of Santo Tomas Manila, Philippines chose to pursue her studies at the University of Melbourne. Driven by her passion and commitment in fulfilling her dream of becoming an architect, she is currently exploring and finding ways to make her vision a reality of creating a better society through the built environment, design and arts. She is also drenched into the pit of photography, interior design and traveling. Mariel is currently working at VIA Architects.